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Professional Associates is a network of providers of most insurance plans and all auto insurance plans and will help facilitate all matters concerning claims with insurance adjustors.

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All patients healthcare needs will be met by specialists who are part of an experienced and dedicated Rehabilitation Network.  We offer support and convenience of a vast network of partners who specialize in injuries related to post trauma due to accidents such as but not limited to:

Auto Accidents

Motorcycle Accidents

Slip and Fall

Criteria for Referral
Anyone who has limited functionality due to a complaint of an injury caused by an accident can benefit from rehabilitation.  Therapy increases independence and reduces health-care costs.
Coordination of Patient Care
A Professional Associates Internal case manager works closely with each patient's file to coordinate care and make sure the patient receives the maximum benefits from all available financial resources.

Having a auto or motorcycle accident is a very stressful time.  At Professional Associates, we understand and would like to offer you a camera to keep in your glove compartment.  Documents and photographs are the most basic, yet most essential piece of evidence after an accident. 




Please call 1-877-220-7246 to find out how you can get your free accident camera.

In addition the following information should also be obtained.  Please print this page and cut out the below section and keep with your camera.  This will assist you in remembering what information is needed.


1.  Date and time of accident:


2.  Name of the other party:


3.  Address of the other party:


4.  Phone numbers of the other party:


5.  Name of the other party's insurance company:

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